The payment methods, along with the interactions, enhance the user experience of online clients for any website. To get paid is the culmination of efforts placed into a website or an app. To lose that chance to get the payment wasted all the time and energy for the business to prosper. Studies show that around 68 percent of those who shop at eCommerce site abandon the cart before checking out, which equates to unobtained spending of $4 trillion.


User experience

As digital technology grows by leaps and bound, there are several ways that payment may occur in an interface. The different kinds of products might require various types of payment methods and interactions. A business must carefully study the kind of experience that they want their user to have to capture the target market without them bouncing away. The site or app must provide the best possible payment services interactions.

Within apps

There are payment services that operate in messaging apps that offer the users an innovative sequence of actions. There are designs included allowing the two people to survey prices and make a collective purchase. There are design interfaces for food delivery that enables the user to choose between the various card payments. After the payment, the one who ordered can track the delivery, know how long it will take, and be able to contact the food store in case they want to call.

Social payment services

There are even social payment services for those who buy music concert tickets. There is a button for users to access specific actions for their experience to be centralized. Some options include paying for the concert ticket of a friend, depositing cash, or for a recurring payment.

Card payments

There is a need for digital representations of the plastic card for payment services and apps. An intuitive interface for the users will make it possible to save the card information for easy access when paying. The graphics design adds to the visual appeal and provides a sense of realism that may be lost in digitalization.

Swipe to confirm

Some designs allow the user to swipe to confirm the payment. This feature enables the user to simulate the scanning action of their credit card. The swiping action replaces the button, and it makes the person ‘follow-through’ the payment with the physical action. There are payment services that have the capacity for thumbprint identification. These kinds of interfaces flow seamlessly with the payment process to add a more tangible and secure payment feature.

Web form

Some interfaces have a payment method that solves the problem for difficult to tap fields. The web form is designed to fill the mobile device’s screen, making it easy to enter the required information.

Instant payment

Payment services are used not just by online business but also by those who support a cause. There are sites that a selection of charity organizations for their donations. The easiest option for the contribution is that of instant online payment.

Payment interaction

For all sites and apps that require a payment process, close attention must be given the methods aesthetics, usability, function, and security. The payment interaction for the checkout is the culmination of all the efforts done. Providing the user with an excellent payment method experience will reduce the unobtained spending that may occur.